News & Current Affairs:

Tonight with Trevor McDonald (Tony Martin, Norfolk Farm Shooting) Granada ITV – ENG Camera Operator.
Election 2017 (2017) BBC OB Resources (Neon Broadcast) – OB’s.
Question Time (2002) BBC OB Resources – OB Studio Pesd’s.
Sky News (Brexit) 2016 Studio ped’s Camera Operator for Sky News.
RT UK News (2015/16) Studio Camera Operator & ENG.
News Thing (2015/16) Studio Camera Operator for RT UK.
Going Underground (2015/16) Studio Camera Operator for RT UK.
Brexit Camera Operator (Pool) David Cameron statement for BBC, ITV, and Rest of the World.


Premier League Football (2013 to Present) Visions OB for Sky Sport – ENG and Match Camera Operator.
Lions Rugby 2017 (2017) Sky Studios – Studio Pesd’s.
Rugby League International (2016) Telegenic for BBC – Camera Operator.
Premier League Football (2015/16) Timeline UHD for BT Sport – ENG and Match Camera Operator.
PGA Golf Tour (2016) Machroom for Sky Sport – ENG and Match Camera Operator.
Premier League Football (2016) CTV OB for BBC – ENG and Match Camera Operator.
London 2012 Olympics – Beach Volleyball, football and Track Athletics for OBS – ENG and Match Cameraman.
Welsh Premier League Football (2010 to 2012) NEP Cymru for S4C – Match Camera Operator.
Kick Boxing (2012 to 2014) Frontline Media for World Feed – Hand Held cameraman.
Rugby Union (2012 to present) Arina for various clients – Match Camera Operatoer.
Various Studio Sport Programs – Pedestal / Steadicam / Hand Held / RF (2007 to Present).

Lifestyle & Entertainment:

The One Show: Location shoot – BBC – ENG Cameraman.
Chelsea Flower show (2013) BBC Productions for BBC – RF Hand Held.
Radio 1 Big Weekend (2010 to 2012) BBC OB Resources – Camera Operator (Long Lens).
Gwyl Gobaith Music festival (2010 to 2011) Avanti Media for S4C – Long Lens Camera Operator.
Going Underground (2015 to 2016) RT UK – Studio Peds Camera Operator.
Urdd Eisteddfod (2002 to 2012) BBC1 Wales & S4C – ENG and Long Lens Camera Operator.
News Thing (2015 to 2016) RT UK – Studio peds Camera Operator.
Children in Need Wales (2004 & 2008) BBC Wales – RF Cameraman.
Glastonbury (2004 to 20011) BBC – Hand Held and Long Lens Cameraman.
Wake Stock Music Festival (2011 to 2014) Avanti for Channel 4 – Hand Held and Long Lens Cameraman.
The X Factor (PSC) – (2011 to 2013)
Syco ITV – PSC Cameraman.
This Morning (2014 to 2016)
packages for ITV – PSC Cameraman.
Welsh Rugby (2013 to 2016)
Studio Cameraman for ITV Wales.
Win Cash Live (2015)
Studio Camera for Front Line Media.
Bach hi Oma (2001 to 2006)
Barcud for S4C – Studio peds Camera Operator.

Landscape Artist of the Year 2017 – Sky Arts – Camera Assistance F5


Goal Mouth (2013 to 2015) Steadicam for Walt Disney Productions.
Blue Peter at Blackpool (2009) SIS Live for BBC – PSC Cameraman.
Uned 5 (2004 to 2007) Barcud for S4C – Hand Held cameraman.
Noc Noc (2002 to 2005) Barcud for S4C – Hand Held Cameraman.


Green is the Colour – Treasure Entertainment for RTE – PSC Cameraman.
Real Crimes – ITV Studios for ITV – Long Lens Studio Camera Operator.
Football – A Tale of both Halves – BBC Business for BBC World – PSC Cameraman.
Tomorrow’s World (2002) BBC – PSC Cameraman.
Two Strangest and a Wedding – KPA Media for ITV – PSC Cameraman.


RT Promotions: RT Promotion Team.

Nortel Mumbai Airport Advice – CNN Promotions Team.

Fifty Shades Uncovered (2015) DVD – PSC Cameraman.


Sherlock Series 4 (2017) – Sherlock Productions for BBC One – Steadicam Operator.

Y Syrcas (The Circus) 2012 – BAFTA Cymru Award – Ffatti Films for S4C – Focus Puller and Steadicam Operator.

The Busker – Short Film (2014) Steadicam Operator.