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Freelance Camera Specialist and Camera Operator based in London, with over 20 years of experience across sport, news, documentary, factual, drama, children’s, multi-camera OB's and corporate productions.  BBC trained studio camera operator and with regular clients including SKY, BBC, ITV, Channel 4, IMG, NEP UK, Channel 5 and many more. I travel and work throughout the UK and worldwide and deliver creative, editable material to suit production requirements.

My expertise in handling Steadicam equipment allows me to create movements that look effortless on screen. I’m responsible for the technical set-up of the system as well as balancing the camera. Coordinating my work directly with the DoP, directors, actors, and the rest of the crew, I ensure the shots never go out of focus. Any kind of physical and creative challenge is most welcome.

I’ve been associated with the prestigious Neon Productions – a global news agency, for whom I covered David Cameron’s statement in the wake of the historic Brexit vote on behalf of BBC. Billions of viewers watched the live telecast worldwide without any loss of video or audio quality. This apart, my clientele also includes the likes of BBC, ITV, S4C, CH4, CH5, and SKY.

I have an extensive knowledge of working in different terrains – be it inside the four walls of a studio or somewhere out in the open. My role as a cameraman also includes reviewing and interpreting scripts for better scenario planning, and editing videos for polished outcomes.

My understanding of lighting and cameras is in-depth and I have an eye for detail. This always lets me meet shooting requirements without fretting about technical aspects or split second decisions.

I’m absolutely competent on set, functioning as the key part of the creative team and efficaciously collaborating across all production departments to ensure the best results. Over and above that, I also deliver risk assessments so the process of production remains aligned to Health and Safety standards on set.

Key Skills…

Studio / OB Camera Operation.
Steadicam Operator.
Corporate Work.
Camera Script / Music Script.
Risk Assessment / Management.
Team Leadership / Supervision
Editing – FCPX and Adobe Premier.
Studio / Location Lighting.
Long Lens / Hand-held Operation.
Health & Safety.
ENG/PSC Lighting Cameraman.
Politics and NEWS Coverage.
Music Concerts.