Our Services

  • Camera Operator

    Camera Operator for outside broadcasting, documentaries, short films, and television video production projects. Scripts are followed, shots are planned, and the work is coordinated with other technical departments.

  • Video Editor

    Video Editor for complete video production with editing, mastering, and archiving. From small to large edits, raw footage cleaning to finished cuts, G Roberts Production Limited handles it all.

  • Steadicam Operator

    Steadicam Operator for contributing to the visual aspect of produced videos. Expect full support for all your Steadicam and body mount system requirements along with sound recording and audio syncing for studio and field.

  • Camera And Kit Provision

    Camera And Kit Provision for the comprehensive requirements of video production projects. Receive in-house motley of handpicked cameras, lenses, sound kit, monitors, jibs, tracks, reflectors, flashes, and more. All items are delivered in functional condition.